Previously on: …[Y]a cayó el Veinte en Scranton.

The good thing about America, John Heillemann, is that we [the people] don’t have “domestic” terrorists, which coincides with the Cockburn’s take on the Democracy Now! Nation.


There is no way to top this, or is there Mr. Buttigieg?

Dear, Rev. Sharpton; öüï [the staff] regret to inform you that we are no longer following the news of the day, however, and for the record, Mr. Macron did make a suggestion about rethinking the inclusion of Vichy in a WWI celebration… just say’n. Fuck Trump, anyhow.

Ladies in Gemini… esto es un usojusto de todos los medios.

Sadly for “our” American experiment on Democracy, —now— in 2019, the only thing that matters is the approval/disapproval ratings of George Willis, Jr., as a big “men–oh”, and not Rape as a motherfucking Patriotic War Tool.

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