No Señor Santana, She’s not there.

— Neta, Compian!?
Did you knock Eric’s doors?

And Compian answers:

— Eye even knocked at St. George’s heavens door. Not there either.

“It’s only logical,” dice Kirstjen Michele Nielsen, a recent drum–majorette reject at the CASA Patron TRUMP, which is filled to the fucking LID —To The Fucking L.I.D.— in concentration camp rapists.

AND ACTING U.N. ambassador
Johnnatan Cohen,
you tounge–tied sycophant:
FUCK You Too.

Mean, while Vladimir Putin gains ground in the War of The W.O.R.D.S.

—– more —–

the blue notes

The rest of the stori!

And Putin’s little bitch goes:

“We’re takin’ the Itsmo, fellas. We are taking the Itsmo.”

¡Brozo! con una chingada cabrón.


Are Mexicans the new Polish? Let’s ask a Chicago Dog, with extra Cheese, of course.

A polish walks into a Cantina...

A Pole walks into a Cantina…:C0CC42C5-1310-4303-9D37-A38D88DA58FD •|• “Do you remember, mamma?”.

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