Breaking with Tradition — Charlottes jettables

CNBC is not the “Progressive” media on the msnbc… just sayin’.

Who made Who?
Why, The Who!
— Of Course!

Friction Services Sans A.M.I.ante:

CNES lefties

—Attention Battlestations— Eugene Robinson just confirmed that Saint Pete was a Drunk!  Now he’s just a Spirit. That lucky So–and–So.

… [Y] al regresar:
there is an unmarked letter at my assigned snail mail slot.

Dear, non-readers of this most inconsequential blog:

The French Touch no canta tan mal las rancheras

It was just the R.E.N.T. from the RATP: 690842F2-A3C0-4223-A3DB-1B540354594D •|• The French Touch no canta tan mal las rancheras.

Technical gremlins have been fuckin’ with US all day long. We [the staff] say fuck it, replace the B.R.A.K.E.S. and then carry–on.

Put your Hole in the Trash

But for the love of G.U.M., Put Your Hole in the Trash, Clint Black!!! Put Your H.O.L.E. in The Trash.


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