Linda factrice à Sergé–en–Anjou–Bleu (49’er).

To: M. Alejandro Valenzuela.
Cc: Mme. Sandra Luprecio
Bcc: Exelentísimo señor Agustín García de Longchamps

…[“]you and Eye have memories
longer than the road that stretches
far away”… or something like that.

Two of us
in the Key of Chente.

Any güey, Puy-du-Fou

Logistical limitations continue to interact with the staff’s attempt at not covering, we repeat, our attempt of not covering the news about The FOURTH Mexico that FOX news forgot to mention on the news of the day.



…[O]n our next segment,
Angelitos Negros picks up on the shop–chat
with ‘the’ Bri-Wi on our segment:

“…[A]And if you should survive to a hundred and five
Look at all you’ll derive out of bein’ alive”, dijo Franck •|• 70493D03-FB4A-45B1-80CB-15705CA29123 •|• The Reconstruction will be automated, according to the BFM’r TV.

No Se Vaya, —deteniendo!.

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