Sirens are going off on TRMS

Coal for Victory!

For the record.

Nepotism for prosperity!

The hand that rocks the despots
“It’s the end of the world
as Öuï know it”.

Fucking sweet Legacy that AMLO is working on, eh, doña Tati… is this the hip-new deal that you promised and the reason why you broke paths from the FOURTH Reich  TransFORMATION?

Hold that thought, we [the staff] need some shut–EYE and a little bit of M.A.S.T.U.R.B.A.T.I.O.N..

—- more ———-

“…[s]weet ode to the Onanites, the Bannonites, and of course, La República Tropical, —Donnie Deutsch!!!“, dijo Robin.

Well wadda’ya know, Robin. Spin my cycle with Bleach and dress Ari Melver as Kurt Cobain. Loads of dirty laundry do smell better with Nicole’s  f.a.b.r.i.c. soph-n-her, dijo Batman.

It’s 11 a.m. in Central Siren Times and,

we [the official staff] regret to inform ALL OF THE little motherfuckers out D.A.R.E. who do not (literally, and physically… oh–but–Yes) follow us on our daily routine since at least 2012, that we are no longer able to bring you Colin Jost’–es-es main sexual intercourse partner, favorite segment, which our regular non-readers have K.N.O.W.N. (all-along-the-Georges Pompideau WatchTower) as the sketch that öüï used to call




…[S]o, instead we [the staff] present you with armando serrano prieto’s latest installment:

Populous Power Throne waiting room… Steve Bannon. Is there a Steve Bannon at the waiting room? Steve Bannon or ticket holder 999 please step forward.



Today’s sketch is t.i.t.l.e.d.:

L.A. bru•ju•la  em#BUS•oh•L.A.D.A.

With musical guest:

!Qué Bonita Familia!
Joan Sebastian y su caballo
“El Cantador” de los wife beaters
and other assorted criminal allegations.

“YAAAAAAA, conocí
París—Chicago mas yo quiero Volver »…



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