—— more —– pg. 43 GEO N° 129… Recette de poudre d’Caracol pour vieillir jeune

… [P]reviously on:
Appendix i — Travaux Patrimoniaux
Cahier: El hallazgo del dinamismo circumflexado
en la troisiéme âge de un tal Voltaire.
Ícono: San Fulberto de la unidades de quemados
Ocasión: 1954, Los franceses inventan el I.V.A. para los franceses;
1970, Yoko Ono broke Sir Paul’s pussy and then, when the
other three members of the “Fab Four” were busy playing
grab-ass, the one only known as, “@therealpaulmaca” broke a fucking
glass. Yes he did. Indeed, he did; 2019, « Mazel Tov
pero a l’envers » en Israel.

Once again, we [the official team] inform the non–readers of this most inconsequential blog, that we will no longer be posting any non–existent interaction with the news of the day. In any case, or sarcophagus, on page 139 and The empire of los jeroglíficos, with your host, doctor Champollion Bonaparte.

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La Quinta de Benjamin?… https://www.cnews.fr/monde/2019-04-10/elections-en-israel-benjamin-netanyahou-en-route-vers-un-cinquieme-mandat-selon-les

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