In the name of Trump (my god!) Eye’ll Fly — with The Stephen Miller band

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We apologize once again [dear, non-readers] for taking a breather from covering Las Noticias de México vistas por un transnacional californiano, —producto de la S.E.P..

In the mean time, while Davos praises a bunch of fascists, please enjoy a bit of the classics; and yes, mr. Matthews, it’s all Greek to Mí.

Record shows that your little golden god will melt the beewax holding them feathers. It’s just science, stupid.

Go ahead, little Miller:35AA9AEC-AA18-482F-8E75-822021C5AF53 •|• …[G]o ahead fly like Icarus.

Anygüey, Marianne, hopefully the préfecture’s letter will arrive tomorrow to our mail slot, thereby giving us an opportunity to frame this new development on the original question posed by the French Consulate in Los Ángeles California; casi esquina con Santa Mori’ca Blvd.:

“What does a Californian have to do with Mexican [politiks?”]

The response: ask The Televisa Foundation in F.R.A.N.C.E. and, The motherfucking Amigos De Mexico [also] in France.

It’s important, dearest Marianne, because of the on-going discussions to privatize tha Paris Airports, o como dicen los verdaderos franceces: La Muerte de la Quinta [república] and the birth of a Nation con esa Cuarta Transformación.

“Indeed”, Steven Colbert, (the real Stephen Colbert and not the fake Stephen Colbert in North Carolina,) “Indeed”. And of course, “oh, the Humanity,” a poem by an Australian human jack, or something like that.

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