ISSY Siren, this here is how them two tickets are going to go down

Dear Marie France,
Please stand–by for instructions on how we [the staff] are not, —öüï repeat— we [the staff] are not, going to be answering the News of The Day.

As previously mentioned, we [armando segovia / armando serrano prieto] have arrived to the end of a process with Brontis à la préfecture de Paris. To sum things up, … [The] Director has your dossier, said Le Clerq.

The Staff.

So, are you ready Freddy?
Check it out, this is what a Reverse Paso RE doblado is going to look like in the following posts. So pay attention, Freddy, and please don’t fuck around like Cousin Joe, who went from Alabama banjo babble to a… how shall we call it? Where might we find that most particular needle that would bee willing to thread the acetate surcos of this po’h–dumb–Country–blind lawyer 33 rpm’s? Country Funk? Why the fuck not, Parliament can’t tell its head from its Royal Ass anyway, eh.


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