Dear, Marie France, about those Metro Tickets to King “Walking Stick Bastones »

Point well taken with regards to the Navigo🇫🇷pass; but then there is one thing to consider before El Jefe* passes judgement, eh.


Exhibit: 03/04/2019

[exhibit files go here]

In any case, while we [the staff] fetch them memos, please enjoy the Eye Radio Band, with musical guest, Tom Waits as an EDF switchbox moonlighting as an ad placement bulletin board.

Stay Human – eat a banana:40BA0646-2EA0-45EB-B907-4AD8F1A1F794 •|• New Season, if you want.

Goddamn Right it’s a Beautiful Day, —if you S.P.E.A.K.’ah le Deuts’che, or like play the sax.

TimeStamp: 11h00 C.E.T.

Accueil Point d’accès au droit:129E29C8-EEA2-4F9B-BB32-1834B8028AB4 •|• Actual TA: 10h15. }-–-~~~\,,,* > Actual Trêve Hivernale: Three (coma) Three million pets, by la República Amorosa standards; but after 3 million COMAS  who the fuck is counting, right?. And so, COMA se murió porque TOMA le otorgó?. Toma le otorgó going O.N.C.E… COMA se murió,  going  Twice… SOLD!!! To the Lady con el palo.

When we [the staff] return from Droits d’Urgence, Catalonio Barcelonetto de Peralvillo writes down the instructions given by SECTION B–4 (i, armando segovia, AM notmaking this shit up) over at the French goverment offices, or rallying point for French legal rights at District 13th in Paris, France.

But first:

Simple cases only:B28B0EA6-DCAD-4104-8766-BE71B3DC2462 •|• We [the staff] arrive to the end of  this blog. In the next couple of minutes i, armando segovia will be relinquishing my legal resident’s permit (pink card one–Each, with accompanying green colored extension constancía to the Préfecture de Police à Cité. I, armando segovia, will not voluntarily walk into a Commissaire. This is to say, dear non-reader of this most inconsequential blog, that in just a few minutes we [the staff] will find out what happens when we [the staff] turn them docs back to Brontis à la préfecture. “Let’s do it”, ibid.

Timestamp: 13h30 in C.E.T.

You are not going to believe what happened on the way back from the French <span style=”color: #0000ff;”><b><i><u>goverment</u></i></b></span> offices, or rallying point for French legal rights at District 13th in Paris, France.

TIMESTAMP: 18h30 in C.E.T.

Aggie? Zat–Ewe?:073BCEEE-AB19-4713-8EFE-C125D57DB7D2 •|• It’s all there. It makes perfect Sixth  Sense: that was no Walrus there, Sir Paul (if DAT is your real name “Winged Beetle”!!!  That, DARE, Denton [if y’all paying attention] is none other than Seth! And I bet those Walrus tiff.’s there on that “Magical Mystery Tour” are FAKE, eh! — said, le inspector Clouseau.

For the record:


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