Top Fuel Funny Cars!!! — Get yo’ASS on that Track.

… [A]nd Nathan Lane goes:
—Ewe called, Deer.

That’s fucking Greek To Mí:7AF58E50-FB67-4FCE-9B36-597E295F8AEE

DEAR, Marianne:
disculpe usted
la impertinencia

[Mötley Crüe ref., goes here]


VALABLE jusqu’au  03/04/2019

ARTISTIC INACCURACIES _ Pop Quiz Cheat_Sheet:80EA3291-2696-4F19-9D64-F8D5E410C04D… Shakespeare, was long gone by the T I M E “Los Jacobinos de Santa Rita” put D O Z E crocs on’Dem floors D A R E… your move Stephen Colbert, from The Colbert Report on the Ed Sullivan Theater. Release the Clown, sir. Öüï know you have thaken the Late Show hostage… and now you bring in a Sax player, eh?   WE WANT TROMBONE! Give us Trombone.

Let’s Dance.

In Local News:484161E6-EC13-445B-A4F9-30A793F22548 •|• … [A]nd Robert Charles Joseph Edward Sabatini GucciÖnë, asks: what do Eye do with the Caligula Casting, deer?

Previously on, The Curse of the Momie

Fake news, it seems, was Önë of them curses that were integrated as part of the Antros101 courses at the University of Vicente Fox Quezada.

Case File:
Montaje Cursivo en jeroglíficos egipcios
The Benchmark Files

The Years:1914-1920
Location: El Paso, Tejas, EEUU.
Hiring Agency: J.J.Arms surveillance
Candidate: Agent Ay Man Moheldin

Bad Ayman no cup for you:075CCCA7-E41F-411A-AA94-FEA8E1627CC8

Answer key for the Güey too early folks on Morning Joe:

1. Indeed, Mr. Moheldin, we [the staff] do not choose the hand, we just play it, and Señor Ayman, —per your request— we tried our best to warm your 2nd day of April; and no, we are not going to talk about the wether at the Oval office in Marolago, o algo así.


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