*Por la première fois visible hors d’Egypte: New York!

Coming Up on ARTE TV:
El regreso de La Gloria, por La [AVENIDA DE] La Relevancía… El Instituto del Mundo Árabe, beacause, ALGEBRA, of course.

de la

Starring: Orson WElls as a fucking fip S.I.R.E.E.N.

EWe should see him connecting the fucking D.O.T.S.:F425D840-2777-463E-ABA9-50FA67ACE8CC … now talk among yourselves, gotta bash on the Frogs. It’s like SacroSant, or something like that.

Ladies in Gemini:
What Thoth wants to K.N.O.W.
is IF,
HATHOR, that fucking muse,
IS, or IS she ain’t my

The Young Moon Grandson:
The King.

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