Sam Bee meets Guépin–Le–Soutien-de-Salomon

paccessible à tous au rez de chausée

So, your Baby it’s turning 30?

Le comenta Toutankhamon a Elvis Presley en un banquetazo donde un degenerado planeaba el robo y/o la desaparición del mismísimo ∴ Carrusel del Louvre

Say my name:F69961B6-5FAD-4ED6-8023-50738A8A9AF9

Fucking wind… as fickle as a champange fart Champagne fart… ¡Pedo champañero!!!
Thats it. That’s the only thing that Eye can recall from the person that passed through here; that, and the terrifying echos of ROZ’s daughter L.A.U.G.H.T.E.R.

—Wait now,
H.O.L.D. it D.A.R.E., requested the agent from Zebra Crossing and Verbo’s Investigators*, L.L.C.,
and then, at the R.I.S.K. of sounding like a Mexican grillo, the agent from
Zebra Crossing and Verbo’s Investigators*, L.L.C.
noted that the dinosaur tracks were missing.
Are you 100 percent on them terrifying Echos?

F.O.R.E.N.S.I.C.S. in progress:4031C42F-74BF-476C-AE85-2144BD531F17

—Oh, yeah, that was some funny shit, the Güey that them’Gelistas managed to fit all’them Mexican Dinos onto an Ark inside of a cube.

—Stop the machine, what do you mean
“an Ark inside of a cube” WTF?
Are you’H.I.G.H. on that free sparkling water that the frogs squeeze out of the tracks of the RER A t.e.a.r.s. at Les Halles, man!

Qu’est-ce que c’est Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-far:FCBF6A1B-F29C-4B41-B959-0AAD489B38FE •|•
What’s that?
… asked Garth’s mom, a former church lady on The SNL who went into the porn industry luego de que BREXIT hiciera más daño al Reino Unido, que cualquier PEDO que don Goyo pueda causar a la gente se retire de las proximidades del Cerro de Las Campanas de P.U.E.B.L.A., o algo así. —!_!— Fundamentalist bullshit is courtesy of FAKE HISTORY PORN! Only on reddit, fuckers, por no decirles lo que son: ¡PUTINES!!!  Hijos de Vladimir y Dire Straits Seagall.

Nah, Toutank. That’s not my Pyramid. I’m slotted for the 19 hundred hours hamburgler eating contest. What about ewe, you old gift-wrapped and ready to go motherfucker you! what’cha doing in paname? Let mí guess, Don Goyo told you about that last bar before the end of the world, didn’t he

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