BREAKING THE NEWS: IDOLATRY and the S.O.U.L. of Columbia

It’s official.
The Second Coming of our Lord, the superstar, is here.
Direct snapshots from A Mexican Mansion are available at the WhatsUp with Golan Heights C-SPAN edition of Jeopardy with Alejandro Trebek.


In birthday NEWS:
The Benito Juárez Hall at La Maison du Mexique á La Ciudad Universitaria de París is having a Maranatha ESPN-Ocho béisbol marathon. Moi Camacho, reports from le siege at Le PMU, where the ODDS are a Million to One in a million.

Will you be ordering the Peanuts standard package for your commercial airliner or, will your “shithole*” nation fork out the H.O.N.D.O. to upgrade to the super dupper delux safety instructions package, which are printed at O.U.R. affiliated Golondrinas workshop in Beto O’Rourke’s backyard?:C3C54CFB-8095-42E8-B529-ABB83A9F2EE7

“Next to all of the French Mullah riding on the Patrimoine LOTTO, the MARANATHA sweepstakes are really C.L.O.U.D. breaking”, dijo Moi Camacho desde su Torreón el La Comarca de ELLA.


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