Les Haut et Les Bas de Henrietta et Nan

No niño Luc, c’est ne pas un Chubasco*
and please relay to the Siren next to you
that öüï don’t like crowds anygüey. So enjoy your already F.U.L.L. gig.


“Is it Ella, or is it LIVE”:5858F835-F4A9-4916-A645-E3B3C803E07C •|• And the blackbox from the Boing Max 8, the Max 9, and known “associates” made it to the Parisian lab, and the rest of this story must be read in a Brian Williams voice, as he (bri-wi) read the report through a Fireside Chat in 1938.

—In the never once spoken fake words of Mortemier Snerd, “who’d a thunk it,” Lorne Ü Rascal figured out what caused the big ol’thud on an Ethiopian runway.

Preliminary educated guesses from the big Kat over at the National Transportation Authority points to the very laid-back and at times even LAX conditions in which the Operational Training and re-certification test were handed out and/or conducted.

For starters, the “training”, if one can refer to the 🛬powerpoint🥜presentations as that, as training, considering that the cargo involved merited only a fucking iPad™️ and a powerslide presentation.

Heck, the Airline industry, according to Michael Che, is stratospherically stricter when it comes to the training and “husband-release” agreements for its air-hostesses fleet of First-Class bunnies. And that is probably because the so-called “Mile-High Club” has a reputation and a L.E.G.A.C.Y. to uphold. Pilots take that training very, very seriously ensuring every First-Class bunny is up to Jacques Cousteau standards.




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