Lorne, Ü rascal Ewe — part ii

It was Nine p.m. in Eastern Standard Time
and wouldn’t you know it,
The MotherFunKing W.I.N.D was ON
S.P.O.T. and on Target.

Coming up on La Rougeole de La Santé:6CEE5152-4716-4B95-82B9-CF4D5F50A262 •!• « Quand les boutons sont apparUS, j’ai Fippé! “. FRANCE!!! How could YOU!

It’s 9 o’Clock, in Central Europe Times.


We’ll bee right back after a tick con la cucaracha.

Dear, Marianne, in the mean time, while Trump continues to represent The Kremlin, at The White House, please feel free to look up and review our exclusive coverage of “El General”; and please, do recall that that particular fragment was the very same blog entry that paralleled your Brontis à la Prèfecture interview with the Film d’Alterite crowd, as a matter of fact just go straight to the source, that legwork of ours includes a glimpse into the presentation of a family portrait of Luis Napoleón Morones, directed by the great-grand daughter of modern Mexico’s first president: El General Plutarco Elías Calles.

El General y don Andrés a Cinéma Christine; pelotero a la bola mí Pitbull:66073916-D218-482E-AD27-3FAFE9AE8F77 •!• ¡VIVA LA TRANSICIÓN Y LA ALTERNANCÍA!

But first, Chrissy Haines, reminds us about that “guy” that drank anti-freeze while living just outside of Skid Row (2009/2010) in El Ey… and following that act, it’s: F.A,K.E. RASTAS on FRANCE24

Peter was a D.E.V.O. fanatic:A2625D79-4301-4090-85C9-7C6E030ED38C… never gonna give Ü up.

Here’s your “P.U.Ñ.E.T.A.”, Lorenzo… R.U.D.E. dude C.E.N.T.R.A.L. in-place… and just to B.E. CRYSTAL CLEAR:  Benjamin Netanyahu is Adolf Hitler reflection in a  M.I.R.R.O.R.  (Godwin’s Rhule invoked during the “All In with Chris Hayes” segment).

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