Dear, “morning breakfast” business-mogul on the Friday Fallback: WITH ALL “DO” Respect, don’t mix Family Affairs and the Business B.E.A.T. — just sayn’. Dijo Marvin Gaye.

at Radio France Interfix’ce—LA.

Dear, Jon Stewart (comma) please DO forward this Beso over to Bill Maher:B78FD4A5-B1BD-49BE-A347-38A6591B7661i —•— WAIT for IT, WAIT!  A motherfucking street car called Desire is running fucking late. Some fucking French philosopher (the Frog version of «el cholo” Vargas Llosa at the MONETARY INTERNATIONAL FUND in BARCELONA is making Ari Melber wet his G.A.P. issued, « slips ».


… and later TODAY with Jasmin and a football fan: BARCELONA y los muy Burbones.

Right now, however, Jon Stewart answered the Biggest Little livestock Animal Indoor Farm (at the World Bank Side of the Forum…

Mean, while Trump compleats achieves his DELAYED-draft entry Military Service in Vietnam, Ho–Chi–Min says that Donald Trump and his DAD are Sons-of-A-B.I.T.c.h.

By TRUMP standards in the Military, Benedict Arnold was a FUCKING PATRIOT:9735CDF6-510A-4FDB-A370-4C8E30924364

EYE  see  dead  Vietnam POW-MIA’s

Next on:

When Brana met Brennan.

Three dimenSí-Sí _YZzzzzÍ scales with John Oliver:FC9E91DB-6734-4D02-95B6-05CE4F8B3210 •!• Jon Batiste is on Vacation.

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