Brazile — dem’ Dirty French — Rotten Bourbons — “Pura puta Vida » in Real Time for Bill Motherfucking Maher

Edición vespertina.

Anti Cooties serum:76335FFB-B735-44F4-B9A5-40DE79D5553C … it makes Red Wine taste great Too… you’ll live to find out, Kid, unlike those dirty anti-vaxers kids.

Eye am no psychic
Eye bet you thought
That The Brazile ref.,
was for you, it was for Bill.

Bill you missed the Target.
Billy Boy, after all these months of you
or a “designated” Kevin Heart hitter,
not reading this blog
you still forget to follow-up with the
FIRE–Fire_H.E.A.T. command.

Correct your reticles, you bum!

… You know, Mr. Benalla, this could be the beginning of a beautiful understanding: French Kids are the best behaved kids in the world.

No, no JOE:51AA03F8-8325-403F-9400-317AFC0FB255… Hank Guthrie Junior Williams the third.

And the sheeple cried:
“BAAaaaaaa”, while the filthy Dutch went, « Mehhhhh, no fue penal».

La Favorita:82FAEE51-5E7F-4231-AB76-7E429A43C9EB …. de Kasie.

7.20 in Central NATO Time
MEAT LOAF follows; and it’s a bit cold.

It is what it is, but it is not that:00B430BD-28FE-45C7-B582-7D96FE56E624 —•_!_•— It is not Gloating, Mateo. I promise you that.

Programa Nacional de Vacunación.

Kasie’s Teleprompter:

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