Los merolicos and The B.E.A.T. — La Misma Chingadera nicaragÜEnse; pero inflada como un Zeppelin

It’s high noonan, mi Nicaraguan

¿Roncas?:6D3CA142-C20D-40E5-8875-0E1DF342427F — As a trans kid myself (ref. the subtitle of this most non–consequential blog, “L.A. VISTA” de las noticias de México, or « the view »  de un TransNacional californiano), this (Marianne) is why the screen–grab of Stephen Colbert’s nail dressing for popcorn is important within the context of the investigative researching that Mr. Brontis à la Préfecture, nixed in the docket.

G.O.T. helium for your Holiday?

Movement of Jah people:CE66016F-8458-4545-8F1D-7AB03793CA12

ad ∞ y una Charreada para mi “chorreada” en L.A. “view” de Stephen Colbert.

Et tu, Gorda❓
Usted doña Navarro, ronca,
after doing
“the” Whoopie⁉️

Abacos para tus abanicadas…293FF58D-6F76-4BBB-9895-5FABA33AF392 —•—  PLAYBALL!!!

O, nada mas se hace pendeja
con los Republicanos de Ronald Reagan?
Quítese los EsPectAculOs, doña Navarro.
Reagan’O_mic’s sent AmÉrica’s
Umbilical cord the Way of
“San Salvador” sin el Super_Salvador…
Just sayin’—Popcorn Diva…
NOW, run (ha,ha,JA!)
and relay to Jon Batiste
to BLOW to Stephen that
ÖÜÏ, the motherFUNKing staff
love INSIDERS baseball JOKES.


Square Sources for Donnie Deutsch Breakfast Krews:


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