Fragmented footnotes and a preliminary re-adjusted perspective on Credit, Debt, and a fucking Ferrari:

This “oul” is missing something:6B5A22A2-2F8D-4BE7-8773-DA598D9301F0 •!•
— ¿Qué?
Sinatra, rebuffed.
—A letter S, sir. This OUL is missing an ese.
—Well, what are you waiting for? Head on over to MiSSiSSippi and “borrow” one from that floosy.
—What if she says no, mr. Sinatra?
—Ah! For fuck’s sake, who da’fuck mentioned anything about asking 4-anything, you bum! What kindergarten did you get those faggety spectacles from, —Boston?

TimeStamp: 23.20 CET

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