Previously, on manazO and Moises

“You are Late!”, manazO said.

Los Putines de París, en Francia:17A2DEE4-D87D-4407-B38F-F0F26544B870

and, then Michael HutCHEnce said:
Moses was parting the Theaters.

¿Los de MOLOTOV?:FDC72522-6927-4927-AEE9-AFFAA79EB1F4… why, ¡ believe que ellos tambor: CHINGUEN A SU MADRE. Comenzando con BROZO.

… and manazO, observes out loud:
Who the fuck are all these fuckers, Val Kilmer‽

[in this Realm, Brontis à la préfecture de Paris, in France, Michael Hutchence plays Hermaclitoris.


armando Segovia


Armando Serrano PRIETO thought that EYE could MIMIC and play honor to all the cunts and assholes at Cité 1511 office who while sitting next to me, at THE WAITING ROOM, claim to STEPHANIE that their justification for securing a VISA from MARIANNE, and, —check this out John Oliver— is because they are “artists”; but that’s not all Stephen Colbert, Brontis then goes: good, that’s very good, but tell me « mis » asociaciones 1901 de Latinomericanos en FRANCIA, are you little mice willing to give us a LIST of the people stirring dissent in the galleries that ACTES SUD* assigns you? Y la juventud bolivariana went: JOUR et NUIT, monsieur. Día y Noche… y luego los pinches Amigos de Televisa en Francia le dicen a Alain Rouquier: Faltaba Menos, don Leo. NO Faltaba Menos. Para usted lo que quiera (le dijo Talía, al chileno, en Saint–Germaine de Los Ángeles NEGROS).

Los Birdy Beasts
Los Tucanes de Nacozari


Starring a cocky Sean Penn:8F9558AB-46D5-4683-8DE3-52C44EDD6098

Ladies in Gemini:

OSERAS–TU Piocher un Hot?

Stick Around, we’ll find out…

El HairiBro speaks out about Despicable Bostonians.

The Cult of Mika’s Branding:460C303A-8BC6-440A-8AA4-7B4233B6A813

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