manazO & Moses

1998 France
Chez Madeleine

The last time You and Mí menor met:9AC5AF07-D5A4-477D-9D2D-D60988A96F0E

Improvisation is a fucking child, it’s the essence of Time; SPACE on the other hand is full of cunts and assholes.


Cast of Characters:

Cicero, as Mika’s “rescue” Pussy Cat.
Val Kilmer, is Moi Camacho.
Cousin Joe: is the Dumb Alabama Siren Chasing Lawyer (he is lost in translation, as the American Built Ambulances in South Carolina by A.D.I.D.A.S. send their cry in Greek).
Heraclitorix: is Asterix’s new addition to the Clan. An ex-priest turned transvestite… Heraclitorix is rendered by Jon Scofield.

Act iii

C’est Arrive:
18 Fevrier, 2002.
l’Euro reemplace “definitivement” le franc en 2002… and in 2019Sainte Bernadette, —amante de San Bernardino— le dice al santurrón del día, « Je n’aime pas la vie des Saints ».

Love in an classical escalator:419D1C36-B60C-489E-8E9E-A090BE8AC028 }-~-~—\,,,*> Hey, Waldo, can you see the Obelisk between the two center pillars?. Boy, Eye tell you… must be the Selenite in the moonrays.

—You are late.
Said, manazO.

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