Ladies in Gemini: The Breeders-es-esas Gramas

Here’s the Deal, Kim, eye hear cannonball when i see these Two together. They’re surely up to no good.


Il est La. La señal sigue allí. Ahora con la novedad de que “los clientes con boleto” tienen el privilegio de “formar” parte d’ese “experimento” entre dos teatros en París. La cita sigue siendo en la plaza de NIKE, a un lado de Victoria… se acuerdan de “La Victoria de rfpp?”


Earlier in the programming, la Comadre Lety y doña Suzi Sepulturera wanted to inquire about food prices. Food prices, eh. Wait Önë, ohkeï. The receipts no longer show Francs value on the Euro. Fenster! Öüï need your Super SAT brain to get to the bottom of the basket.

Cut Your Prices Down:4D116FC6-1F31-4045-BE8D-6ABD8969F594… with Johnny CASH!

and Fenster goes:
—”Son, don’t Ewe understand?”
Donald Trump gave you the Boss-es–es intro of “Born in Temecula”.
Born in the USA, my ASS!!!… (dot, dot, dot) but if you insist (dot), here’s the Formula for when you get to GO and LISTEN to mariachis at “the” Disneyland Paris™®¥€©:

Every day math for Donald Trump, via Le Grand Orient 

Le franc français (FRF) est désuet. Il a été remplacé par l’Euro (EUR)
le 1er janvier 1999.
The Frenchy Franc did party like it was,
YOU” guessed it: 1999
6.55957 FRF sont équivalent à Un EUR

21.65 FRF
est égal à

And yes, Siren… here goes the motherfucking “evidence”.






Full disclosure, this meal was paid for, by:
Socialism 101.

From now on, any Private Person Owner (lest we forget Mitt Romney’s little Bri-Wi zinger of, “Corporations are people, my nigga“) who wishes to bee the next Virgin Executive, with no foreign Service experience to apply for “The” White House Lease, should have a DD-214 ready for inspection; otherwise, get back in line and start at the Bottom, like say, COMMUNITY ORGANIZING.

And Oprah, you are rich enough, black enough and dang-on-it an all right gal, but big “G” little “od”, wouldn’t pretend to deliver a sign in the form of a fucking “give-away”.

Say there, Willie Gueist, will you be including an “uncle Tom” poster-person for the theme of the month. I’ll leave it at D.A.T.

And Phil Knight goes:
–You called?

And Tiny Tiny Cat says:
—Go home NIKE,
it’s three stripes Ewe’r OUT Bitch!
You “buck” Private, –Ewe.

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