Y ahora, a word from Jon Stewart — Let’s land this bitch, shall Öüï.

Day 29 of 2019.


I remember that a very Cold Front was already in progress. Fast forward to today’s news and France just invented the Arab Spring.

On tonight’s Menu:306ecu095-ad6b-485c-8e48-cba60aa40cf7… OMELETTE COQUILETTES; Ouef entier, lait ecreme RECONSTITUE, sel, ACIDifanTa, E330, coquillettes; One Each. |  Liberty Angel by: sepa la verga, it’s Street Art. My Gallery.

Hey, CHAYOTE MAYOR* ENCONTRE LAS MANGAS DEL CHALECO!!! Heck, Carlos Puig, even Nancy Pelosi wore a bold yellow and blue blason to signal Donald Trump’s “Impeachement Open Season”.


Context on this SnapShot follows:385e0113-c795-4ea4-a004-5a4d34288d26… a funny thing happened on the Log of La Mairie du 4eme…

*Joaquín López–Doriga

Sure, the “Facebook” and “Social Media” revolutions morphed into several social movements that by the time 2013 rolled around, the “Spring” reverberations of what used to be Cartagena, spawned into a series of protest that almost took down the “One Percenters” in Wall Street.

Los postes diarios:69e7c846-9f65-4287-a180-49462929dfbc •-_!_—• Of course, Sirens, the visual took place  güey–way before Yuri Buenaventura joined the ranks of Emmanuel en Televisa, y más precisamente, para aquél Festival Internacional Chihuahua (se me olvido la edición). •—_¡_-•  Jon Stewart appears courtesy of The Colbert report, and of course: Canal +.

As of Sunday, the color yellow was still the current reference with which to tag the current History of discontent or, insatisfaction, as France Culture would put it French, just like “Los Indignadoux de Mai of ’68” did in the Olympics of Tlatelolco in chilangolandia, en un OCTUBRE que por supuesto, —tenía que ser.

Left or Right, if things must break and heads must roll, you can count on the Tour de France and the Michelin Guide to add that “seal of approval”, the motif that relays: When in Rome, do as the French. Except of course in Venezuela. En Venezuela no pasa NADA.

MeanWhile in Egypt:

In Egypt hoy no hubo Jazz
In Egypt nobody walks like an Egyptian
In Egypt everybody walks
just like people do
El Ey.

It’s Four o’Clock in Central NATO Times.
And the Soviets are celebrating the Olympics at Le Theater de La Villa casi esquina con El Pompidou de Beaubourg.

Twelve hours later, in New York we reach the 11th Hour, hey Brian Williams: What’s up, —motherfucker! Check it out, at Chatelet Square the Soviets are conducting a “thought” experiment in Quantum Physics or Gypsy Trapeze–es–es–eses, and the Siren is wearing “Blue Velvet… softer than Satin, or some fabric like that.

The Eleventh Hour with Velveeta:6a611df8-978b-4318-af15-c14eb75da9b7 }–-—~~~,,,\*> Meanwhile in Queens, N.Y., Jon Stewart is shooting a French Movie and, Representative Ocasio-Cortez is on the correct Tarmac*, because even if the Electoral College had opted to not give Donald Trump the keys to the Executive Oval doll house, the price of U.S. postage would still NEED to go up. It’s The Amazon effect, stupid, and a Lear Jet on it’s WAY to do a show at The Plaza in El Chuco, say Hello to Dr. Pineda, Bill.

And we now Switch it over to Armando Serrano-Prieto; he just turned 10 years old. And Marianne, you can take that Log to the (food) Bank.

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