Veinte para las Nueve en LA

Oh, hey SireN!
Your Burrr’t_Day was…
a bLAst!!!
Could not stay, though.

“Nowhere to Run? — That’s why i’m leaving LAs VegAS ».

4 Ewe see
Eye ain’t no HoundDog
Eyes got to hunt
didn’t want to spoil the party
“so there was only one thing that Eye could do » little ol’Eye Left the ding a ling LAng on LA Seine.

The god of GWAR: Benalla as a boy.

Are your babies going Crazy,
well that’s because it’s 7 a.m. in
Central Siren Times.
In La La Land it’s 10p.m.
in La La Land: Today it’s Your Birthday,
and YES, owner of the Lonely Hearts Club Band,
Oüî’s going to
A Private Party.

ARES: Tell Me Why?
Casualties of War and The Thin Red Line.
Baby killing MacHines.

If your babies are going Crazy it’s because that’s the Way that the London Suede made’em on da’BrExit, Baby. Coming Up, « The Bleu Note” on “The White Album »… puro Roots and Elvis ‘Cos [Oath] ello likes it like Sweet Morning Drew.

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