Encuentros Cercanos con los problemas del Primer Mundo

Intermedio… ah yes. The Police.
The police is out of Synch.

—Walking on the moon.
Said, “Gordo” Sullivan,

Le seul qui Échappe à cette triste ambiance est La Barde  « GEICOASSURANCETOURIX”, perdu dans son nuage poétique *… on a  Mexican Radio chez el Alto de Cergy.


Oh, the humanity.
— And in a country of such statuettes as Paris (Reuters) certainly has!
Said Governor/Engin’ Chief: William J. Lepetomane, as he looked at Miss Stein’s stains on her dress.

But thank you for calling.

Nice Cardigan, Romeo.

6 day of Michael Steele reminding the staff that this is an unsecured Phone and that Donald Trump is still making decisions for the vote that you wasted on him, Donald Trump–not on Michael Steele– on 2016.


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