Zat Ewe, Dr. Huxtable? — Go easy with the cream

The setting: a beach near Frejus.
Bill Cosby is on the set of History of The World, a Classic work of History with a Capital CH… you know, like Chapulín Colorado.

Zat you, —motherfucker?

Along the beach out pop’s Gregory Hines, who was teleporting from the Orgy scene at the neighboring SKI resort up in the Alpes, near México in France. A town that people might not know, or have ever heard of, or even pictured in these scenes but, niño Luc, if THERE IS A BARCELONA, pues es porque los francece–ce–ces, ese, la inventaron en Barcelonnette… en fin, up the road one eventually arrives to ISOLA 2000, which is where Las Nieves de’Nero arranged to put, scratch that, to shove the big elephants in the ROOM to shoot the opening shot of El Anibal aventándose unos Relevos Australianos contra Las Putas Feas de Barcelonnette, on his way to ROMA, —of course.

This is how he did it… Anibal brought 10 more elephants into the mix.

Riders on the Storm

The wavky comedie of a family that took a man for a ride… hilarity ensues when Morrison knocks on the Doors and says: No invitan.

20.00 Central Siren Time.
It’s Day one on the tally of days that The U.S. House of Representatives keeps Donald Trump and his family out of jail.

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