Day 1, 2019

Feliz Happy Nüano.

Manita de puerco Voladora, follows… it’s Three o’Clock y’all.

It’s High-noon in Central Europe Time.

The Exception to the femme:

It’s 16.40 at ISOLA 2000… Santa Mo’rica context for a Dr. follows.


This is a musical Break, from “the” JET chronicles:

You know what the sad thing about it is, Woman, that you don’t need none of daddy’s palancas to climb up your NETWORK—when you fuck like that— and sweetie, for every Dr. Huxtable;

[Cliffords de Dover goes here)

Closed fo’ Biz, Markie.

for every Harvey Weinstein;

[Romeo in shakespirito goes here]

40 minutos para las últimas primeras noticias del Año en Brasil… Fi•ga•ro, FI•GA•RO, Fig… figure it out Figaro,but ONE CANNOT GO AROUND relegating el trono del TRUMP TROPICAL, por que’se Cetro le pertenece a mi tío JUANITO López Obrador.

… heck, bitch, for every O.J. Simpson*, there’s a  nice little girl that can walk Le Promenade des Anglais just the same… if only the private film vaults from a photographer at Nice Matin would open up to reveal, to reveal, to reveal, oh—you know, dear, to reveal the Begine.

[Surprise, MuthaFaëker, goes here]

Ladies in Gemeni:

Whi interrupt this programming to bring Ewe the latest on something floating near or around la órbita del planeta. At 18 hundred and 40 miutes of the first year of the Trump Impeachments: Whi call it Las Nieves De’Nero.

Chalino Chánchez y sus estrellas de La .45

* Now, if anyone asked the staff what Chris Rock thinks about Kato, and NiCoLe, eye would tell you that “The” Rock understands why O.J. was well within his ABUSO DE CONFIANZA limits. Anygüey, The Chinese Year of the Dog (the Brown dog, bitch) remains in effect, and this little puppy smells a La Zizane del Boludo with his stare looking this way: like a büey, güey—not like a ‘weh.


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