Silly love songs. With George Carlin in the role of Macca

It’s ten o’clock in Central NATO Times, and:

Coming soon to “Les Affiches”:
Eye see what Ewe did dër, Siren.
Alejandro Castro Valenzuela y La Pantera Rosa…. Inspector Gadget con un moño ain’t got nothing on this Mutha.

You’d think that people
would have had enough of
silly love songs.

Euphemisms and Símiles

Eye understand Technical Knock–Out, said  “Lindo Canelo”, but what The boxer could not get through his red scalp was the idea of  being DOWN on account of TECHNICAL UNEMPLOYMENT.

Later at the 14:20 Break… 1+4+2+0 is = 2… it’s = 2? Anyone? 1+2+2+0 is = 2? Anyone •—_!_—•. }-~~~\,,,*>. You know I’m such a fool for you
You’ve got me wrapped around your finger
Do you have to let it linger?
Do you have to, do you have to, do have to let it linger?

Anuncio: Clases de Tango
Espacio: Saint—Michel
Hartista: El Coronel Slate in the Key of Carlos Gardel.
Canción: Prolongando la agonía de tu humor.
Acct: Nicea.
Producto: Cebollitas para la Carne Asada.
MERCADO: Santo Domingo en Punta Cana.

It’s Not Fake News, it’s:

Morning Joy en Nueva Yol’ it’s 9.20, but do you know what the Pôles are saying about the Congo? It’s a riot, down there. More on that when Oüî FM asks Prosperitvs Mausvs, an ex–Legionnaire from that neck of that Mother Ship.

With Col. Frank Slate, in the role of Frank Sinatra playing a Blind Al Pacino in Something Stupid, from The Night in New York’s New Yorkies.


Coming up on C-ESPAN: DEFENSE ONE Argento, or Hondo if your Military Contractor is based AT BLISS–es–es–eses.

Happening right now At the Chambers of Francesca: Black Beard and Long Chin Argento are plotting where to mark the “X” on the Guiliani Files.

And then, all of a sudden, Middle Man, a new Malcolm hit the baby delivery pods at Babylon ONE… won’t be the last Malcolm of the Year, not by a long shot, Malcolms are born every day, the thing keeping the Malcolm in the middle is The Frequency Signal, Mr. Baron, and no, Mr. Baron, Eye don’t expect to to walk the plank, Eye expect you to tell Black Spy, that it’s a good thing that Black Spy doesn’t read this most non–Consequential Southern Command monitor (lizards) post.

And on the Fifth of Donald Trump’s Shitdown, in France it was the 7th march. Oh, forget the Humanity «  Hal » It’s the X–Talk* Stupid!!!

17.20 in Central Europe Time

It’s not Fake News.
… and « X–Talk », Corazón
is simple “CROSS–Talk”
and not Talk about that ex-Cunt
from La Promenade, Love.

can you please square a circle
on that god–damned Woodpecker
out by The Seine, he’s drowning the Cross Talk.

Veinte para las Seis and we ran out of JUICE.


From the Chambers at Francesca to the Frances-es Riveras we awake at Moon River at Twenty to One.

Jazz follows.

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