God damned right, it was a beautiful day.

Veinte para las siete.

Woody Would whaaaaat?

Woodpecker, you better stop knocking and pecking on wood.


Coming to Les Affiches… Eye See what you did there, Siren, any güey, Cassandro el exótico contra Le Rouge et Le Gris se exhibe en The Bread Factory.

Said the vessel.

—Eye said, Woodpecker.
Stop knocking and–ah Peking.

Y ya ve usted como son de ocurrentes
los “loquillos” del Señor de la Lanza.
Narra Valentín Elizalde.

—So, no more knock on wood, eh?
How in the hell–on–wheels armor division de mi Coronela Helen, is the Hurricane supposed to get into Heavens gate… get into —Heavens Doors!!! THE DOORS. Not the Heavens Gate.

Ladies in Gemini: Steely Guru.

—How? [Knock–Knock] How, is Zimm supposed to get in? Maaaaaan.

… as this exchange was happening in a surprisingly inconspicuously and undecided yellow France, the 7 a.m Saturday Morning arrived to Paris, and we [the staff] caught Jason Jones; a professor, or worst Cousin Joe, a dreaded expert at the rebound hour of The Rachal Maddow Show, where A.M. Joy made the assist, while Raquelito is out catching and releasing fishes–es–eses or some other cold–blooded non–existent creatures like The Monk, which is the “po’Man’s” MAINE lobster, or so Oüî FM said.

The Bad Plus, in the voice of Brian Williams wearing an Afro Wig while Chewing Chocolate (bubble gum inside a D.C. Waiting Room) is that We [Californians… and californios like the Edward “Suite Zoot” J. Elmo’s of ORANGE COUNTY] will get to March on Super Tuesday… step aside “Alabama”, —if that is your Real Name— and draw and put a Pi on that 3.

Off the Wall. From Paris, Texas to The Petit Palace.
Starring: Woody Woodpecker and Edward James Elmo’s.

Old Men, Young Man “got all the HONDO so we switch it over TOO DAY TOO of the Trump Shit Down. And in the absence of a Saterday Night Live, we [the staff] peck our Güeys into the realm of The Saturday Morning “Cartoons” with your host: Walter T. Lanze.

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