You’ve got the Look, Socorro… pero de Stan, coquito.

Issy, doña Lola, at the Uscita di emergenza son las 3 de la tarde…

’Amo a ver qué puso la gallina, pues.

all the cool in that old bag is nothing but the Staff, The Whole STAFF, and nothing but the mutherfucking staff.

Welcome to the Hotel California
… faltan Veinte para las Cuatro.

Needing a little something to make you feel better?
Read the Bible, the Hotel California a Pâris offers you a Beatles Bible, and if that didn’t quite feel Dat Dere elusive spot, then how’bout heading over to The Pink Martini Lounge where you can get your,

Tun–tun Tacos de Atún——tun—en tortillas
Eye want tacos de Atún on tortillas
Tun–tun Tacos de Atún en tortillas
Eye want TACOS made from un Atún.

Tacos de Atún, estilo Sinaloa
En Concordia les dicen tacos de Pescado,
y el pescado, a diferencía del Pez, como todos los Fry’s de (Cantab) lo sabén muy bien, esa criatura sí existe, heck, a usted misma, ¡Señora!!! A poco no l’an pesca’o bailando in The Boys Room to the re-mix of a groovy Marvin’s song——yEAH, you and all of the (cough—cough) staff know what Chuy is talkin’ about. It’s fine, girl, you just didn’t need to put all of them big–fish stories of the “good girl”  into the beat of yo’Growing Pains; but that’s not what we [the staff] are promoting.

Let’s get into the Thicke of it, shall we? With some Tacos De Pescado estilo Sinaloense, just in case the bible doesn’t necessarily hit that spot!

So, necessarily so and without further a do about nuttin’ here’s a Swan Song reflection with Fry (cantab) without the True Semolinas. And just in case, Ladies in Gemeni you begin to wonder, it’s True. Semolina Pilchard is climbing up the Eiffel Tower, The Late of Pablo’s Fucking Fair is there. Tru Stori.

TimeStamp: 16.43 in Proverbs 3 times.

Directions in Present Tense‽ — hillarity ensues when Bumbblebee tells the guy at Lilas that Oui don’t need no stinking directions in Present Tense, OUï—motherfucker have RadioHead frequency.

Directions‽ Oui don’t Need no Stinking Directions, Oui are the Purple line, —bitches. 

Coming up aftrer the break in the Making of Boludo, Astor se va con un Re–Mix “Al Sur”.

Mercury News desde Chile is there at that train’s terminal station for the latest.

Step Three en el manual de uso con la COP de los Pôles: Don’t open ‘till Doom ´ s Day. Right now, it’s Veinte después de la quinta hora de la tarde en las avenidas subterraneas de Pâris.

Watchout Georges, piedras follow, it’s not Ewe, it’s the cheating adultress in front of BFM. TimeStamp: 17.43 pm at Issy–les… HOLLY MOLLIES… ma’mà—ma mà en la parada de Télègraphê una vecina con peluca está arrullando a mi negrito. Futuro Pelo featuring Natalia Lafourcade y los mocoritos re—mix is at Sanborns con una tal Anna, cuenta La Comadre Letty à Les Moulineaux.

18.00 hours Y’all

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