Easy like Sunday mo’rning, on a Mandarin’s Cobra trail

Royal Flushing Viper Bros.

in colaboration with,

HACHÉ MENU productions and,

Lonely Aura in the Sky.

Zopilotes con futuro pelo.
Rated « R » for all of the Familia in France.

It’s 19.23 in Central Siren Times

Zopilotes con futuro pelo is a Special Double Feature presentation with:

YES!!! It’s Him!

Yes!!! It’s Him!
Starring Jeff Goldblum.

Jeff Goldblum reprises his rôle of The Fly, if…

Alimentation mi Génerale… not under this motherfuking ReGIME!!! Fo’ DAT you got’s to head to the Big Easy… just don’t head over on a Sunny Sunday Afternoon. That’s SIESTA TIME, Lolita.

__ if Jeff Goldblum was a Taco STAND vendor in Uzbekistan and he called his PUESTO el nopal de Little Joe… because there’s no such thing as a little Pepe in the Old Soviet Block, only little « Joe’s ».

And for all of those who prefer to Live Life by the Drop, visit the Street is My Gallery, Oscar Wilde is doing time There right Now… that dude is learning Ka•Ra•Te… or something like that, it’s got somethingbto do with The Social Sciences being a Martial Arts curriculum à La Sorbona.

Ladies in Gemeni:

The Mandarin Cobra’s Touch

You’ve Been Touched.

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