It’s O.K., Mika Kawasaki… you can say, Suzuki

The Culture Guy in Méjico, A.K.A. Francisco Taibo, Jr., says that one can lay it all out now; heck Mika Kawasaki, you can even Double-Down on that zinger you just apologized about, but young lady, you cannot be going around live cable–news shows imitating Stephen « T » Colbert in the role of Alec Baldwin.

G’ahead, loose yo’self and spice up yo’ vernacular, Mika Kawasaki… say hello to Susan, and library lady, it is a very bad idea to wear Green on television.

It’s 12.20 in Central Europe Time
Looky Looky just for Ewe, Sam…
with Giorgio, of course

En fin, Mika Kawasaki, what’s more vernacular than the language encountered in the context of Agriculture Bill.

Agro•pe•cuni•ARIA•mente Verná•CULO y Vericueto.

Hey, BeatLes–es–eses, meet Agriculture Bill

Tonight at the 19 hundred hours Jazz hour.

15.20 at “the” BBC inside the studios of Disneyland–Paris. It’s time for yesterday’s answer to our, « Look, up in the sky », and “Get off of Katty Kay’s Cloud” riddle, with a geriatric* Mick Jagger, he was around when Hair replaced Jesus Christ Superstar from the stage. Or was it the other way around‽

Eye want this dump painted black!

* “geriatric” in this context
no es otra cosa que
La Tercera Edad.

TimeStamp: veinte para las Cuatro. Cinco con Veinte:

Old Gringo was really a beetle… page: 15, in Tierra Firme–es—eses edition of Carlos Fuente–es–eses « Old Gringo.  USO JUSTO DE TODOS LOS transformers who don’t need a hearst to be taken for a last ride.

Get your “Mother Popcorn” at the concession stand…

MEAN, while Trump was going to jail,
it was Twenty to Six at The Paganini
(on a movie set in Toronto)
Dee–Dee started in Kubrick’s
never–made for Cable News

In the words of el director de los Ojos Abiertamente Cerrados and A Space Odd ISSY, among other imperial projects like the never–seen, Le Bicorne, put it best:

There are certain thematic ideas that are better felt than explained…

page 365
Chapter X
Stanley Kubrick,
Arthur C. Clarke,
and the making of
a Masterpiece.
by: Benson, M.
Simon & Schuster

Veinte para saludar a Mrs. Wilson en CET

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