Ladies in Gemeni… Eye was around when Jesus Christ…

Look, up in the Sky.
The oldest Stones in the Universe.
Can you guess their names?

… ‘inche viejo lesbiano, lo moreno con Jabón ROMA™️ se mitiga, pero lo Cu•le•ro ni con Pinol®️.  }-—-~~~\,,,*>  El respeto al Uso Justo de Todos Los Medios c’est stupéfiant!!!

It’s 10 o’Clock y’all!
And it’s a good thing Woodstock en Juárez
no nos lee porque allá son bien Francotes.
Me’Cae a Madre que—sí¡

Go Home FIP youse Drunk. It’s 11 o’Clock y’all in Morena–Francia’s clock.

… go home fip, you’re Drunk.

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