Oh, hey Luc and Siren… it’s me

Your Foreverman on a rollercoster without a sail, say there Lord with that big Cigar and Rolex collection, got the Time?

… to which la Ministro Sánchez replied:
Yes, Serrano is a Son–of–ahBitch, but he’s got the IQ of a FRENCH LAMP POST.
Viva Floence Cassez y La Legión de Honor.
Ahora pásame una batida de coco que’sto No Es El BOSSA NOVA.

and the mexican mental midget Minister Lord Responds:

It’s 9 o’Clock in Florence Cassez time… boy and is she a Good Kisser, declaró el “primo” Israel de Vallarta. — Anthrax en la voz de Joey B. follows.

Hey, Brontis,
Live, From A Shotgun Shack
it’s last night Jazz Central Station

but first,
Las Fuentes de los carlos–es–es—eses

Mean, while Trump was getting instructions on how to fold a Hasty Bicorne, Les Artisans de mobile, —that’s in Alabama— Willie Geist, were getting ready to read La Storia… Veinte para las Once, in ForeverLand.

[link from the bottom of the ocean]


Veinte para las Nueve à Cité
Once in a Life Time!
Into the Bleu again.
Same as it ever was… ha’Ya Like them
Comets, señorita francesa?

TimeStamp: Pianola and a Handful of Keys chez Luc.
It’s One o’clock at La Seine and 7 am on the East Coast. Mika Kawasaki has the morning off and Katty Kay is baby–sitting a legendary group of Capitalists gurus who in Mika Kawasaki’s absence estan macaneando la noticia. Gooooooo, Dodgers, and don’t forget to Support your Local housekeeping Unions, ya’Bums.

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