in spite of all the pain — Piano Bar

TimeStamp: 19.10 in Central Europe Time

Dear, Luc:

Be appli!

and Luc replies,
in French, of course:

To which, a “mental midget”
Go home, Piano, you’re Drunk.

Next: on as the World Turns:

”it’s not Ewe, it’s the Güey that the cards are dealt,”

Doc “motherfucking” Holliday.

To which Bill Clanton, adds:

“Hah! Drunk piano player…”
according to rotten tomatoes.

To which Doc “motherfucking” Holliday replies:

How’bout a Spelling Bee…tles contest
Yes! How about
a Beatles
Spelling Bee

45 francs walk into a piano bar, and proceed to sing New York – New York. —  Man, ‘member when CLAPton wore plain ol’Tee–shirts?

Tres para las Ocho en Central Siren Time.

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