La democracia China… así se las cobra el (año) del Perro, de Winnie Pooh


El Totem de la reconciliación… faltan Veinte para las Dos, en el SMIC.

China le FRUNCE el costal de LA MANZANA A BELLEVUE.  Washington Delicious Red spokesperson says: Así se las cobran en China… Chale, dicen los Coreanos de la Samsung.

“Sunshine units”
on a Krypton Watch follows:
Sunshine Superman
“Roll up” for
The Sunshine Superman Break.

When you made up your mind to Forever Bee Mine… or some Jazz like that… the thing Is, that all totems in ROMA,  check this out: come out of LOS TROMPOS DE CE  MEX

Mientras tanto at The Council of FOREIGN Relations, the head honcho there, pictured here below, disintegrating like the promises of A NEW WORLD ORDER rearranged —no less— by The Bush FAMILY, is now falling to fucking pieces… “And that is why Mike Patton is « EASY LIKE SUNDAY MORNING » wait, SCTATCH that:

41 past the hour

as the promises of a new world order ESTÁN frunciendo los retazos de los trapos dictatoriales de La “llamada” Rusia, y los republicanos más conservadores en WASPlandia are turning into Donald Trump. Donald Trump is now the new Republican Jesus… but you know what, Cousin Joe, The Beatles are Still bigger than That fucking Jesus. “Because, the World is Round, it turns me on”… so g’ahead, “Turn me on deadman”.

Yesterday… all my puestos looked so far away, they looked asi más o menos como si a Los Fab Four les hicieran falta Veinte para los Cuatro.

Lennon (the artist formally called by his Mother: Winston) is a Genius… Life is Real, so real; ready Freddy?  Because the other side of that ∠ is that just like Winston’s mom had him, Julian never had John; or so say, Le TOTEM de Cirque du Soleil choreographed at the Pôle Emploi casi esquina con La Bourse de la AFP, y a unos cuantos anuncios de Jesus Christ Decaux (heading EAST) to La Old Bourse del esposo de Salma Hayek.


Makes no difference, Bato.

*Scratch That last part Katty Kay, said Simone Fredericks over a chinese knockoff of the iPhone X, the iFon Xing, which she purchased from a young unemployed femen just outside Disneyland—Paris… back to Ewe, Richard A. Hass.

Ladies in Gemeni:
Faith No More y su latest cover
Death Cab for Cutie.

Next on how to build a Hasty Bicorne, part II… ahora también en Espagnol, mi Tromp-o.

But first, coming up at the 19 hundred hour Jazz stop
It’s Susan del Percio and Time Magazine
this duo is going to give you
Time’ Mag Person of the Year,
right after La RAE’s
Word of The Year…
Paco Nacho Taibol-Dance
Mesa’l Que Más Aplauda

TimeStamp: Veinte para las la hora de las Siete Sirenas en el Seine.

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