Dear, Chuck Todd.

Dear, Chuck:
Please relay to Woody to tell Bill that Beto doesn’t need your stinkin’ badges.
Betouh’ as you flair the fuck outta Bobby, has Sanders.
Not the junior Senator from Maine, nope.
Beitouh’ has Sanders—his Suegro–by—Law;
o como dicen los franceces: su bello padre,
o algo así

3 till Midnite.

And just like that
We [the staff] switch it over to Wednesday.
And Chuck, the following is a frame in–progress.

Now, Chucky m’Boy, this (here) motherfucker, is a frame—in—Progress, and please!!! Chuckles! Before Ewe motherfucking peacocks begin to push 2020 elections up the sheeple and thickle Michael Che’s clean bung-hole with a charismatic Kennedy, like say the Distinguished Gentleman from Kentucky, Trump needs to be Impeached and Locked–up; preferably next to the Let it be a Hair–do Specter guy from Abbey Road.

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