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… and we [the staff] are back.
With another edition of Jeopardy
with your host:
Alejandro Trebeck.

But first, we [the staff] switch it over to
Morning Joe and Mika Kawasaki

Jefe: This is not The Bossa Nova!… ocho para las doce.

Coming up on Sunday:
Willie meets the fockers… but first DROP THE BASS!!!
This memo is being brought to you by:

Ladies in Gemeni:
The following must be read in an Eugene Robinson voice

This is not, the bossa nova.

Memo for Stein: the good thing is that the Préfecture in Tokio is not reading The Daily Beast and his meltdown tüyTz.

Live from the Promenade de Katty Kay
it’s time for our sacrosant,
Daily Beast

Double Jeopardy Question:
Presents IT:
“BBC WORLD ____ ____”

Agent Angle and the 5G wars after the break.

Stick around…
We (the U.S.) are not fighting the Koreans, said The Big Cat.
You really, really have got to research what
COBRARSE a lo CHINO really means
when it comes to interWebs supremacy around
Jesus Christ—Ewe nailed it! Cousin Joe:

Zeppelin [in the form] of a Crispy Onion Hot Dog–
–Shaped submarine, follows…
at the top of this PAGE, Jimmy.

… and of course,
Mika Kawasaki,
to celebrate the naming of Reagan Music
to celebrate the naming of Reggae Music as
Patrimonio de la Humanidad (francesa)
The soundtrack for this ZoSo entry
is in the Beat of
the mighty Dread Zeppelin.

Anuncio: Sam Rockwell is lining up another Oscar, Steve Carrell on the other hand, is focusing on the Cookie Monster.

Sesame Street
in Baghdad
starring, Heather Nauert.
Oh, The Humanity.

Coming to theaters this Mx-Más 2018.

When we [the staff] return
It’s “honeymooners down by The Seine”.

Only on:
The Soul of America as misquoted on “the”
Ballad of John and Tokio.

In Paris it’s Three o’Clock
and yes, Mika Kawasaki: at Cité it’s raining Cats and Dogs.

For 100 dollars, in the Category of
The Poles are talking.

Someone, mi querido, beastie–Stein, is always watching… it’s too bad that Brontis à La Prefecture never does.

P.S. is the first part of the title:
“I __________ Was”

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