Dear, Marianne. it’s just a TimeStamp, un sello—pues

Sorry about the Yellow Jackets, or ‘vests’ if you’nasty… (that’s a Janet Jackson reference) taking over your political discourse.

Please stand–by for update… our Wings are being Trimmed by Brontis à La Préfecture… earlier during an interview, a benevolent juggler relayed to us [the staff] that we must be crazy for speaking to you, MARIANNE in such a way, but crazy (and You know it) was coming to France in the first place to learn about the New Republic in México (way back in January of 2011) and staying after Brontis kicked us out on the Same Week when the Iguala Student Massacre happened on September of 2014.  And, Marianne,  whatever happened just “shy” of an 8 years relationship between us, and as we [the staff] recorded it, it is now a part of your archives at Cité. It’s really too bad (from our point of view) that your “paper–pushers” don’t want to get out of the box from where they Stamp France’s deportation orders , i’d like to elaborate, but it won’t be done here. Do Remember, however, that the conflict of interest that lead to the revocation of my first Visa in 2014, was unequivocally and without doubt linked to the the “no—bad—media” for Enrique Peña Nieto in FRANCE in the years: 2013/14/15. }-—~~~\,,,\*>.

Anyway, please stand–by for content…

Cousin Joe really wanted to talk about your “Yellow Jacket” problematic, heck, why he even brought in Rabbit Hunter at the end of his morning show, but Bush’s dead remanis got in the way.

Zeppelin goes here… Vichy follows. Don’t say in less than a decade that we didn’t Warn You.

It happens… Veinte para las 7 pm en Central Cité Jazz


Nutin’ (oh, we likes that)… compares to you.

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