“This one wants to buy Ewe rockets”… 2 princes meets the Casbah

3 para las Ocho CET

… previously, on The Talking Heads y La Huella de Bush:

El Chorrito y La Wasp.

Peggy Noonan was trying to make sense of it all, she knew that she would betray the memoires of Le Gipper, but this mystery had to be put to rest. Jeff Bezos,her current boss was not going to like it one bit, but Peggy had to call on the special powers of Francisco Gabilondo’s spells y hacer como El Chorrito para seguir: Tras el Trail de la tatema de Villa.

No Noonan tu t’Quivokáz… le dijo un tal Endi (vaya nombrecito, eh) a La Peggy Noonan. “Nosotros no tenemos la cabeza de ningún Indio, “y menos la de un General”, recalcó George Herbert Walker Bush, uno de los encargados de hacer “la limpieza” en el club de las Calaveras Mal Nutridas.

Meanwhile in Southern Europe, The Piolines®️ had Pam on their side now.

Oh, Hey!
Technical Dificulties are experienced on this “side” of the Spectrhum, but the Army keeps rolling along.

In the mean time, while the Piolines®️ en Francia secuestran a La Academia (¡confirmado!!!) Chanel ya no va a matar Pitonés, ni Crawling King Snakes, ni réptiles varíos because THE NEW WORLD ORDER issued a moratorium on the Killin’ of their scaley kin for Commercial purposes, especially if it involves dead lizards and Snake Skins striking a pose on the motherfunking CatWalk—on The CatWalk, Halliey Jackson, On The Cat Walk!!!

It’s time for Jazz and a TvCena.

The Snake of The Union… faltán Veinte para las ocho.

« So, Yeah », said Tommy Lee, en Francés reminding David Lee Roth that the Grass is always better on the other side of the bar.

Cinco para las Once de la noche.

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