PUBLICITÉ — “Dial Black”… for “The Children of Paradise”

Spec: PC 140
Client: Channel 8
Location: l’Eglise Saint–Séverin
TimeSlot: La Petit Histoire de France
Voice Actor: El mismo cabrón que se la pasa gritando “Señora”.

TimeNow: 02 minutes to 19.00 at Soprano Central in EST.

The Thing about death, is that the very French went ahead and invented It… anygüey, Cousin Joe, it’s Wednesday already at the Latin Quarter in Paris and, the time is 2 o’Clock in the morning.

SPEC: PC 101
Client: Ici Pub Mama Thorton
Location: Vintage de la rue de Ravioli
Product: Kellyanne Conway’s British Invasion Inaguration coat, David Bowie’s sports jacket, Sasha Cohen Eastern European three–stripe jump suits and other second–hand items for the dedicated follower of fashion in Ewe.

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