Frequency hop… please stand-by and keep that Squelch-on

TimeStamp: 2 o’Clock at the Stockholm Underground…

“Just Kissed my Baby”…

Mean, while Trump continues to be an asshole, over on the Sirius signal, the Black Friday leftovers have gone the way of the “MAD Vintage* at the Rue de Ravioli, casi esquina con TOKIO–PARIS… or is it PARIS–TOKIO?

The Who, might care; they are the ones who are Dedicated Followers of Fashion, segün the Davis Broders… sorry about the Kinks and the TypeONegatives, but do keep this in mind:

This is only a Draft: Breaking the NEWS follows.

Social Distortion… ERROR CODE 16 follows. Only on The Underground Garage.

“Dial Black”.

Outta TIME, and out of the LOOP… flashback to The First International Chihuahua Festival, where the staff had an opportunity to interview Nora Patricia Jara, de Primera Edición, allá en el Instituto Mexicano de La Radio… Context follows, stick around.

Voice of America, be Damned, here comes Trump Vision for the motherfucking World. 

Dear, VOA… América es un Continente con 35 paises, no la amalgama de 50 expropiaciones.

Willie Geist and The Big Kat
have all the specs and details about a plan
straight out of the Joey “big G” little “oebbles”
propaganda playbook.

ISSY, no es como si los EEUU no tuviesen un aparatototote de propaganda llamado “let the good tim es roll” and “tinsletown” or something like that. No. Para nada, Willie Gueist. El colmo es de que Donald este más preocupado por entrar al ruedo con CNN para acomodar los eventos conforme a su pinche Reality Show. “Oh say, can Ewe Sea,” son las primeras STANZA’s  de El Corrido del Trapo con Las Barras y Las Estrellas.

TimeStamp: 17.20 in CET

Technical Gremlins keep fucking our Merengue Up.
It’s 20 after the hour in Saint–Denis.
Meanwhile à Nueva Yol, Error 16 got solved
Mad Vintage has opened their Studio Doors.
Surprise, Surprise: Oh, No:
Ewe are dang dowd right ya’ Bastards,
Eye’m not like Everybody Else.

TimeStamp: 19:29 on gimme More of Da’Good on Central Siren Time… The 8 o’Clock Bonne Nouvelles follow:

Live from 300 S. Street Life.. it’s full motherfucking circle with: My Lady.

Note to Editors:
Joe and Mika are Swinging in Punta Cana
as if the Apocalypse was just around
30 Rock and the foyers of Studio 3A.

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