Coming up on: As the World of Tosh (point Oh) Turns

Eye’ve got Newport Beach on a String,
gonna cruise on over to Huntington Pier
Big Shoes to fill…
But as Cousin Joe says:
as Maine Goes, So does France… or something like that.

Breaking the NEWS… California Congressional District lead by a former ReaganO’mics disciple loses big in Orange County… please stand-by for an update on this programming from that neck of the woods (no pun intended) in the form of Ask a Mexican… [shit! that “copyright” is taken; fuck it!!!] Ask a motherfucking Pocho.

TimeStamp: Bishop School with Yusef Lateef
at Central Siren Joint…
[that’s code for a Frequency Hop]
Eye told Ewes that when morning comes
Donald Trump was going to get a shade of Amarillo.

TimeStamp: 16 hundred hours in Central Siren Time
…are Ewe experienced?

Flipping Madison Grant on pg. 84 of The Soul of America, Chapter III; With Soul of Flame and Temper of Steel on a Random House… or some Joint like that.

Attention non-readers:
the following segment is brought you by,
The Color Yellow in Central Siren Den
casi esquina con la Rana Rene.


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