Ol’Del Paso y el estoicismo de los Buffalo

Welcome to the 5th dimension… but speaking of Sarah Silverman turning Manga on me, or finding out that Mickey Mouse drinks Ashai beer, y que Los Pitufos son en realidad ALUXES de la SEMARNAT, how about this, Luc “el patron” Frelon*, how about if we [as in We Are The World] Make The Mushroom Great Again, eh?

Hold That Visual…. hold it. In the mean time, while Trump, picture Brown’s “Licking Stick”… it’s an experience.

The Who? … and make what great again Out Here In The Fields? — Listen, man, that “Exodo” that Ewe fuckers’ been hearing about over and over on  FOX TV was created by your Company.  ¥—-—~~~\*>  Dicho de otra manera, si para Baby Jesus Birthday les cae bolo, pues a lo mejor es porque ustedes en la Compañia invitarón a Gente como “Bambi*” a la Posada en Centro América allá en los tiempos de Alexis Argüeyo… asi que recuerden, pinches trumpies, y WASPians que lo engrandecen, si para cuaresma se encuentran con que en el menu ya no hay capirotada, es porque entre los Evangelists y la Corrupción de los que gobiernan en Honduras (just ask Sarah Chayes), se quedaron de tanto pasarse, –con las pasas– y luego, para variar, Luc Frelon, el pan Bimbo killed al pan francés, ingrediente fundamental para preparar unas d’esas Capirotadas con miel de maguey.  <*/~~~—-—€  This digresión was brought to Ewe by Miel de Maguey.  Miel de Maguey, it’s like Maple Syrup, pero con una cadencía paralela a la de Brown Sugar, no a la de Cadillac Man… lest you forget, Luc, that it was the very French, who on the güey to Detroit —from Canadah— invented the Escalade and, lest you forget, other assorted pimp rides.

Wadda’ya say Luc?… Should we [the staff] spin some K “street” Washington*, whip out the thongs and the Hamburger Helper®️ and pan the foie-grass out–ah this japanese sushi–roll chorizo pizza, with Olive Oil’s stuffin’?

Stick Around, when we return we [the Children of Aquarius] turn it over to the one in Nashville, Tennessee, Jon Meacham. On today’s platter, Chris Hayes finally gets a whiff of what Trump —good looking—TV’s got cooking for the next Poker Toy Run of them faggety Trump Bikers in the Heart of Rock and Roll City.

TimeStamp: Ocho para las 10
en Central Siren Jacuzzi Time.
Location: Trib3eqa vía Bismarck

Breaking The News Bullitin: later in the programming Luc Frelong interviews Marianne Faithfull, will the intrepid Disk Jockey grill The Witch formally known as The Gypsy Faerie and ask her to reveal… wait for it, wait — The Name of the guy who MURDERED the Eye’am The Lizard King guy…. Over on the Eastern Standard Time (leave it to the fucking Americans to hog the “EASTERN” time-zone for New Amsterdam)… Damn!!! The nerve of this fucking Fiske guy, and his Manifest Destiny, eh; anygüey, over in the Land of Trump, is playing nice with the “Bipartisans”, who are currently attempting to UNFUCK America’s fucked up prison and sentencing laws of da’ motherfucking Man, man.

ISSY… the destiny on the manifest says that the TimeStamp on the wall dice aue faltan Veinte para las Seis,
y lo bueno de este intrascendente blog
es de que Luc “el patron” Frelong
no lo lee.

Shoot for the Moon…

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