Dear, Sarah: check this out.

Hola, Sara,

a funny thing happened on the güey*, —when They took him— to the Forum.

Let me tell you about that time growing up in San José de las panochas, Municipio de La Zona del Silencio; en El Bolsón de Mapimí, when i used to moonlight as an altar boy.

Vamos a bailar?… this is a time–delayed apology. TimeNow: 14.20’ish à M–Line 13 casí paredón de Guy Moquet.

Mira… right now it’s High–noon in Berlin in 1989, a Wall is beginning to fall, so about that remorse that you’ve been carrying for all these years because you got away from da’Man while breaking the LAW (literally) in REAL TIME, with an All–American get out jail card, just go ahead and stick a thumb up your ass and the other in your pie hole, and give Bill Maher three Hail Mary’s and keep PETITIONING THE Lord for a motherfucking IMPEACHMENT.

P.S… dear, Susan del Percio. No! Stop It, Susan. It was a SCHLONGING, not a “trumping”, o si prefieres, una verguiza lo que el Trumpismo se llevó en las elecciones intermedias. Now, please tell Willie Geist and the Big Kat to focus on the Census lawsuit against the Trump Administration.

TimeStamp: 12.20 hours at the Brandenburg Gate.


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