Zita Arocha at UTEP won’t let me lie…

… and Professor Pineda, over
at the Sam Donaldson Centro
probably knows What’s Up…
—in El Chuco, of course.

Now, long gone is the Daze* of Fort Collins,
—in Colorado… at times I even get this joint
mixed up with Fort Carson,
tambíen allí, en las rocosas de Mile High.

ISSY’n—embargo, Kate, there,
and her Man over at “the” ABC’s
would not let this wondering Soul
—in the form of [we] the staff
do bad practice, o peor,
Not let the following cat come out of the bag:

Beto can now go and sleep for a week, or maybe even a month, but come 2019, BILL SANDERS is going to have himself a presidential candidate… say there, Amigo Gustavo, da’fuck is it with Real Estate developers, Constitutional Powers, and their benditos Sons–in–Law in the recent chapters of good ol’American politics?

PS… The good thing about this blog, es de que mi gente en El Paso, Tejas, no lo lee; y le atinaste Tavo, esto es una Time-Delayed Calavera for y’all.

(image follows(

ISSY, Cousin Joe, this is a Special Edition of a most inconsequential blog… written in Spanglish, for the Gringos and the Frogs, y’hasta uno que otro Rosbif, que navega por aquí.

TimeStamp: 16.20 in Central European Defense Forces Time

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