Hors–Série—Breaking the intermission part Two

¡Pero!!! ¿Quiere más?
Panochita dulce arrives to México y Panamá.

Welcome, don “Pompeyo”… it’s High–Noon in CET.

Clutch it, Baby — Bad Decisions follow in Central Siren Time.

Los detalles del desierto

Rumor has it, that Saudi Arabia was drawn up by a sheik and a politician on a boat. A very big boat, a powerful boat, like torpedo launching capable boat.

This is a frame in progress. Please stand–by and keep your Squelch in position “on”. TimeNow: 13 hundred hours CET

TimeStamp: 16h20 in The Spiderman Universe… and, “The Battle for Our Better Angels” is coming right back.

When Saudi Arabia installs its despot, they’re not investing their best. They’re not INVESTING in You…

They’re INSTALLING despots that have lots of problems, and they’re sending those problems to us. They engage in Assassinations. They’re bringing CENSORSHIP. They ENSLAVE.

And some, I assume, allow the women in their lives to go see the Emoji movie, and might even let them drive.

Donald Trump
…if he (“little” Donny « the grumpy » Trump) had Real American Balls.
but by now, the ENTIRE GALAXY knows that this motherfucker,
has no balls,
This Here, motherfuckers, is PUTIN’S “little” BITCH!!!

TimeNow: 18 hundred hours
and 20 red hot minutes

in Central NATO Time
Jazz Hour —follows…
from Abroad, Ewe’all.

Coming up on The Ozarks… today the gang take on the roles of the 2004, Frank Oz, COMEDY/HORROR/Sci-Fi flick: “The Stepford Wives“. Ferris Buller, directs.

“… do me now.”

And while we [the staff] are AT IT:
Gooooooooooo Dodgers!

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