Dear State of Alabama… fip Just dug Ewe out of the Shit hole

… and yes,
this is the bottom of the 4h20 intermission
in Central Europe Time

Alabama is out of the shit houseAlaska, via Sarah Palin, is in it nowBy the güey, desde Argentina hasta Alaska sólo existe una AMÉRICA en EL MUNDO… con una Chingada, Le MONDE.

Donald J. Trump
The 45th president of the United States of America
is Not—we repat—
because he is searching for
or someone like that.

… now, before we [the staff] switch it over to the first Jazz session [not to be confused with the sycophantic lower–life form known as Jeff Sessions*] of the month of September 2018, let it be known that no matter what president Vicente Fox Quezada’s secretary of Foreign Relations, [un tal](ano mediocre), named Jorge Castañeda Gutman, México por su historial es parte de latinoamérica, y por su geografía un miembro de América, continente que lleva el acento bien marcado… por ejemplo—hijos de Uncle SAM— John McCain es americano, no por ser Gringo, hijos de Plymouth Rock, no.

*… if  the Attorney General of the U.S. had any spine, he would quit his post before the election.

John “the Maverick” McCain WAS an American by virtue of being born in PANAMA—no confundir con Paname, porque eso es otra cosa… ISSY—no, pues pregúntenselo a Pedro Navajas**.

**  Rubén Blades.

TimeStamp: 18:40 à Saint–Ouen 93400

McCain’s Tribute vía: “LOS” Mundos de Le Monde…


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