Ladies in Gemeni: Su Alteza Serenísima

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If You, inclusive One, kick me out when Steve Bannon sets Headquarters at Le Front National, you are nothing more than Exclusive:
your Move¹.

Ahhhh, savvy sentence from “los” monoaureos with regards to campaign meddling before an actual election takes place: Si lo hubieran hecho público dos semanas antes de las elecciones, le hubiera costado la elección.

ISSY… context follows, right now we [the staff] have to change gadgets because our 15 minutes at the LIBRARY are up, and the Beaubourg is closed on Tuesdays. But do stick around, because this Tangente Interesante is right up Mr. “Brontis” à La Préfecture’s alley. Our dance with Marianne continues after a word from our sponsors².

  1. From Staff,
  2. Ingraham, C,. “An awful lot of people use and love their public library, as an economics professor discovered this weekend”, via El WaPo:

2a. Gilmer, M., “Flabbergasted Twitter trashes Forbes story that suggests replacing libraries with Amazon”, via Mashable:

2b. FORBES.,  BILLIONAIRE SECRETS… BACKTRACK or ERASE your MISTAKES; por ejemplo, Raquelito, Gilmer notes the following:

it appears as if the story has been pulled from Forbes without a note or any other reason.

… y para muestra, pues, un 404:

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