Excercise Nº 1… Repetition

Friday, July 20th 2018.
TimeStamp: 12 hundred hours

In Washington, the Established pundits have already given up, the collateral next to AXIOS ‘Big Thing’ for today which is a trade war with China, touches the nerve of the mid-term elections. It appears that a very limited number of elected Republicans seekin re-election do not want to cross The TREASONOUS president of The United States, because the Republican base is All In with the World Wrestling Federation spectacles that Donald Trump is feeding them every time Uncle Cletus switches the Internet on the Cable Box on.

Let’s Get Ready to RUMBLEEEEEEE!!!”. — Ladies in Gemeni, welcome, to the Main Event of the mid-terms for the Command–and–Control of the NEXT THIRTY YEAR WAR. Fighting out of the Red Corner, with a record of 100 lies per minute, is the post Neo-conservatives of the American Nationalist Front in the form of the spirit of Joseph Goebbles. On the Blue Corner, fighting out of  Conglomerate mainstrem media is Bill Clinton’s legacy: a Corporate Established Press, their record stands at 100 self inflicted KO’s per minute… Ladies in Gemeni, please stand for the NEW NATIONAL ANTHEM: I Know It’s True, ‘cus I Saw It On WebTv.

Coming up:
The International Courrier
Via: El Universal (de Mexico)
Is a new Thirty Year War on the Horizon?

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